Giveaway & Review: AquaHydrate High Performance Sport's Water

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When the really nice folks at AquaHydrate offered to send me some of their water, you think I would be jumping for joy. But the truth is I loathe don’t really enjoy drinking water. I really can’t explain it, but generally I have to force it down. Sometimes I add lemon, sometimes tea bags and honey. Anything but plain water. To really review the water, I knew I should drink it consistently and for all my workouts. Those bottles looked awfully big.

The problem is dehydration is bad news. It can decrease plasma volume, cardiac output, your sweat rate, maximal oxygen uptake, muscle strength and liver glycogen. Sports like football, tennis and distance running commonly see 5% dehydration levels. Levels greater than 7% are extremely dangerous. Specialized receptors in the hypothalamus called Osmoreceptors cause you to get thirsty. The problem is your thirst doesn’t keep up with what you need. All this is to say that we need to drink water.

What pleasantly surprised me was how easy this water was to drink. The bottles were the 33.8 Fl Oz size and before I knew it, I drank the whole thing! That had never happened to me before. No way I could down that much water and like it! But  there was no weird aftertaste I’ve experienced at times with bottled water. If water can have a taste, this tasted really good. Also, I personally liked the big bottles. They were great for my hour workouts. As far as plastic bottles are concerned, it was good to know they are 100% recyclable.

There are many sport’s drinks out there to choose from. What’s inside the bottles is what counts.

Sugar is commonly found in sports drinks and most people are unaware of how much. Just to give you an idea of how much sugar you’re drinking in,  Dave Patania / Eyewitness News writes: 

A 20 ounce Powerade weighs in with over seven teaspoons of sugar. Powerade’s low sugar option – just over one.

A 32 ounce Gatorade – a staggering 14 teaspoons of sugar. Gatorade’s lower sugar brand, Propel 16 ounces, only one and a half teaspoons.

A 20 ounce Vitamin Water tips the scales with just over seven teaspoons.

Many have additives such as artificial colors in addition to the sugar.

So the idea of pure water appeals to me. I wanted to know the science behind their water. Here’s a bit of the science I found on their site:

Purity: Undergoes a proprietary seven-stage purification process that is finer than the human kidney. They note that purity is critically important in light of recent studies that have shown municipal tap water to be contaminated wide a wide variety of pharmaceuticals or drug byproducts including medicines for pain infection, high cholesterol, asthma, epilepsy, diabetes, heart disease and  mental illness.

Ionic Minerals: More than  72 macro and trace minerals in AquaHydrate. Macrominerals in their ionic form are essential for athletes -for example, ionic calcium, sodium and potassium are necessary for muscle contraction and magnesium is essential for energy production. You actually need dozens of macro and trace minerals in order to replace what you’re sweating out.

Alkaline pH: The pH of AquaHydrate is raised to 9.15, putting it squarely in the alkaline range. This is important because the tongue responds better to an alkaline than an acid pH. Most people find that they can drink more water if it has an alkaline pH, because of its soft or silky texture and taste.

There’s tons of info on their site about all things bottled water. You’ll also find testimonials from a variety of athletes like Jack Nicklaus and others that  give their personal experiences from drinking AquaHydrate. I also noted that AquaHydrate was a supporter of the The Nicklaus Children’s Health Care Foundation.  The Foundation has grown from a vision to reality, providing charitable services for children’s health care in five Florida counties: Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Okeechobee, and Indian River.The Foundation’s mission is to provide support for activities that advance and enhance the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of childhood diseases and disorders. In addition, it supports not-for-profit programs and projects aimed at children’s health, safety, and well-being.

My personal experience with AquaHydrate: I made sure during my review to make no changes to my diet or supplements. I didn’t alter my sleep patterns or work schedule. I have to say I noticed a significant increase in energy throughout the day but especially during my workouts. From workout to workout I felt I had recovered from the one before and even started adding an extra workout like a 3 mile run every other day to my 6 day schedule of training. Because I liked the taste I did drink a lot more water all day long and not just for workouts.

Now for the fun part for you!

For a chance to win a case of AquaHydrate it’s easy! Just leave a comment sharing if you’re an avid water drinker or mostly drink other beverages?

Giveaway ends Saturday at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time  2/06/2010

Winner announced 2/o7/2010 – USA only.    

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 Reviews on Joyce Cherrier’s Blog reflect the personal opinion of the writer. This product was supplied to me (Joyce Cherrier) by the company for review purposes.  No compensation was accepted by me for this review but I was given a case of Aquahydrate to keep.




  1. Looks like a winner to me

  2. I drink water all day everyday!

  3. I usually drink water when working out and would love to try the AquaHydrate stuff! Looks good. Great review blog.

  4. Great informative post-I always just thought of water as water and all bottled water being created equal but now….I know better!

  5. TY so much 4intro to what sounds luke a great product! None on the market.. In health food &supermarkets (if it’s out there not widely distributed so I believe you have a niche). There are expensive additives sold but one would have 2add 2relatively low quality water. Price can b a factor but if all us as you state the reasonable consumer will make a substitution. Will gladly give up a far more expensive daily coffee habit! Let’s hope my local supermarket’s distributors can stock. Will look 4it. A free case would b great:) but no worries! I am target 4product! TY!

  6. I am an avid water drinker!

  7. Hi Naekteez and thanks for commenting. If you go to the website at the top is a tab “find us” where you can put in your zipcode and it will give you the store near you.

  8. journeymagic says:

    Thanks to @stefanpinto I’m now hooked on AquaHydrate. Frankly I had stopped drinking bottled water because of the footprint effect plastic bottles has on this earth. Got a water filter but was not very happy with it. No other bottled water compares to AquaHyrdrate in benefits and taste. I’m soooo happy with this blog Joy and that you and Stefan promote health & nutrition in this manner. I personally drink lots of water and always have it with me wherever I go!

  9. I love water, but waters are not created equal. I’m extremely conscious of designer/sports waters for the very reason of added sugar. Since I started training for a 5K, it is even more important to stave off dehydration. I’m interested in this water, particularly since the bottles are recyclable.

  10. Great post! Can’t wait to try their water. I am good about drinking water when I’m working out, but orherwise I have a hard time meeting my daily requirement of water. Would LOVE to win the case of water!

  11. I have a friend that has hooked me up a few times with Aqua hydrate…..I love it….my wife refuses to drink any other bottled water. Great for workouts, recreation, and just around the house.

  12. I LOVE water! I drink my gallon of water a day. My dad always took this huge gulp of water with great satisfaction, stared at this glass and said “this is the best stuff on earth”. I don’t like tap water so I use a water dispenser in the fridge with a filter.

  13. Vijay Ojha says:

    Sadly, carbonated soft drinks are what I mostly drink. Need more water!!!

  14. I don’t mind water, but still manage not to get enought it seems. Replacing the filter in the refrigerator would help. Would love to try this AquaHydrate brand and see if it compares to the Voss (Norwegian bottled) water my daughter and I love so much.

  15. Thanks Joyce! We (AquaHydrate) love your write up! Kind regards to you. Remember, join our Facebook fan page, post a picture of you (enjoying AquaHydrate) and you might win free water! Fun:

  16. Geri Kleeman says:

    I know I should drink water all the time and sometimes I do. But for some reason just LOVE the really good bottled water! This product looks great and supports a very worthwhile charity organization!

  17. Big water drinker, and occasionally drink decaf green tea.

  18. Wonderfully done Joyce! I have to say I usually don’t buy bottled water either but water is a key component of my diet. For me, if I don’t drink enough water I am not able to take full advantage of the effort in the gym…and I can’t let that happen. 😉

  19. Patty Lund says:

    I drink AquaHydrate and find that I can drink a whole liter at a time after exercise. I could never drink that much water before, but it really goes down easy.

  20. Kendra Warren says:

    I try to drink 4 liters a day. Sometimes I have to switch it up and add lemon or lime juice and sometimes I just drink it au naturale.

  21. I am a water drinker and prefer it with lemon and served to me (that’s another story altogehter! lol) I’ve heard Gatorade will rot your teeth – that’s a lawt of sugah! Staggering. I’m not normally a flavored water drinker and have been partial only to sobe life water but after reading your review am anxious to try AquaHydrate! Another great informational and relevant post ms joyce! I’m soooooo thirsty *sitting up and begging*

  22. water is good, drink it all day

  23. C. Bisiada says:

    I love water!!

  24. If I had some AquaHydrate, I know I’d be SO much more hydrated! I would promise on my honor and sign in blood to drink more. Promise and wink wink.

  25. Hi Joyce. My problem is that I don’t drink enough water. Bad habit of drinking sodas and juice. I’ve made a conscious effort to drink more water this year. So I will give AquaHydrate a try. Have a great day!

  26. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Hi Sung…Most people I speak to about their diet say the same. It’s so common that we drink flavored beverages instead of water. Most of us usually don’t order water at restaurants either and for good reason (most times from the tap) . Also we tend to think of juice as healthy. That’s the way most juices are advertised to the consumer. Great to hear you’ll up your water intake…I think like many things in our diets, small lifestyle changes make a huge difference!

  27. I am mostly a water drinker. I try to avoid sports drinks as much as I can because everyone says there is too much sugar. But if I’m going to play a tennis match at high noon (I am in Hawaii), I will sometimes bring a sports drink, as I think my body needs more than just plain water.

    Do you know if there are any stores in Hawaii that carry this product?

  28. I can’t stand tap water. We have filtered water which is okay. Penta water us pretty good but it’s so expensive.
    I’d like to try the AquaHydrate-It may be great for my daughter who is an Olympic Weightlifter.

  29. I drink tons of water everyday. I have noticed the more water that I drink the better my skin looks. I live in MInnesota where in the winter everything is dry..especially your skin. I too lived in Maui and California and find it harder to drink water here because the lack of heat so some things I do outside the water bottle I carry with me everywhere….totally eco friendly….I add things such as lemons, acai berry juice, green tea (just let it soak in water for a 1/2 hour, pomegranate juice. With the juices I do use concentrate so it’s pure juice. SInce they are both a little bit on the spendy side…this little trick is not only healthy for your body but also for your pocketbook. Drink on people…drink on.

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