Food for Life:Tanka Bar Review and Giveaway

It’s not everyday that you come across a company that you fall in love with–not only with their product, but also with their mission. While I was on Maui recently and shopping at my old stomping ground Mana Foods, my dear friend turned me onto Tanka Bites. Since I had recently started eating Primal, the brighty colored package caught my eye. I became an instant fan. I was never without them for the rest of my trip.

I had a chance to connect on twitter with the wonderful Linda Crider, Director of marketing and communications for Tanka Bar. We had a great chat about the products and what the company is about and I wanted to share with readers what has made me a die-hard fan. They kindly sent me a variety of products to try and review. 

What’s a Tanka bar? The best way to descibe it is slightly sweet, smoky, moist jerky.

The Taste Test

 My favorite of the products is the Tanka Bar. It was moist and chewy and I love the combination of the buffalo and cranberries–a perfect meeting of the two flavors but without the excessive saltiness of regular beef jerky. What I liked is that the cranberries were moist and sweet and not dry when you took a bite. The texture is awesome. I always found beef jerky to be hard to chew, and this was not. The Tanka Bites, which are basically the bar in bite-size form, also come in regular and spicy flavors. The all-buffalo hot dogs were my next favorite and the kids loved them. I refuse to feed my kids traditional hot dogs and have tried non-meat types which they expressed were generally disgusting. They thought these were great and were happy to know I approved of these. Hot dog issue solved.

My least favorite were the sticks which also have non-GMO wild rice added; I found them to be more on the dry side and would prefer if they had a bit more of the yummy cranberries.

Tanka bars, bites, and sticks are a hiker’s dream. Like most people I talk to, they’re sick of the “healthy” candy bar. It’s never a good trade-off to eat tons of sugar and chemicals just to get a dose of protein. I brought my Tanka Bites to the beach and they were perfect after hours in the water. They keep perfect in a backpack and aren’t a melted mess when you open the package! The only problem I had was easily eating the whole package at once. Good to note the serving size is 4 bites, and the nutritional info reflects that.

 No matter how great something tastes, it all comes down to nutrional value and it’s important to choose wisely. You have only so many calories a day to “spend” so you have do some comparisons. The American Heart Association places buffalo on their choose-from lists as one of the meats recommended for a healthy heart, stating along with emu and ostrich “These are very low in total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium”  

The nutrional facts from Tanka Bar:

Made from 100% Natural prairie-fed buffalo sourced from as many Native American ranchers as possible 

 Free of hormones, antibiotics and fillers. Federal regulations prohibit the use of growth hormones in Buffalo.

Contain no MSG 

Have no added nitrites or nitrates

‣ Free of gluten, dairy,* nuts, trans fats, soy

‣ Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids

‣ Free of corn syrup

‣ Good sources of Vitamin C and Iron

 *Tanka Dogs contain a small amount of milk powder.


 The Tanka line of products is made by Native American Natural Foods LLC and is located on the The Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota. The products are made from farm raised cranberries from North America and the buffalo are Great Plains buffalo raised on prairie grass. Native American Foods participates in the Buffalo Nation Restoration Fund.

100% of their sales, marketing and fullfillment staff are Native American.

 Their Mission:

Our mission is to heal the people and our Mother Earth by building a comapny that innovates non the traditional values of native American respect for all lin=vninfew food products based on the tradional values of Native American respect for all living things by living in balance with mind, body, and spirit.


Tanka Bar, bites, sticks and hot dogs can be found in a wide variety of stores and can be ordered online. Check out which stores in your area here. 

Try them and let me know what you thought! Special coupon code> for a 20% off on your entire online order enter coupon code Joyce. Specials excluded. Coupon code good till July 31st 2010.

 And now the fun part for you!!!

A Giveaway! Your chance to try an assortment of Tanka products! It’s simple!! Leave a comment letting us know the following: When reaching for a snack, are you more likely to go for a healthy snack or an unhealthy one?

 Giveaway ends Friday 6/18/2010 at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time.

Winner anounced 6/19/2010.

Winner will be selected using a random number generator.

 Reviews on Joyce Cherrier’s Blog reflect the personal opinion of the writer. This product was supplied to me (Joyce Cherrier) by the company for review purposes.  No compensation was accepted by me for this review.




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  1. Hi, I came here from the Tanka Bar facebook feed, so I’ll have to admit to a certain prejudice in their favor. I’m a diabetic and snacking is a real problem. I have no trouble cooking healthy meals but I’m always on the lookout for something simple and healthy that I can grab and eat. I’m allergic to dairy so cheese is out and I’m tired of nuts. Raw vegetables are tasty but not filling. Tanka bars come close to being ideal. I’m almost glad that unhealthy snacks leave me feeling lousy. Donuts and potato chips just don’t appeal.

  2. Looks delicious!! I want some!! I’ll be in Maui soon and can’t wait!! Thanks for the coupon and look forward to more delicious heathy treats!! You’re the best!! 🙂

  3. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Thanks Jon & Francis for the comments!

  4. Love Tanka Bars! when I have them in the cupboard I reach for them first. but if not I tend to reach for a bag of chips!

  5. Mark Mayry says:

    When reaching for a snack I more likely to go for a healthy snack…..TankaBar

  6. Hi Koni! Thanks for the comment! Good to always have the healthy stuff around! 🙂

  7. Hi Mark! Thanks for commenting!

  8. Before—> chips, cereal, cookies.
    After —-> carrots, fruit or protein.

    Tanka you for introducing us to some great goodies, it’s fun to try new stuff. Their sight is great! Well organized, easy to navigate, and it looks like ordering is easy peasy. The story and authentic commitment makes me WANT to try! Props Tanka!

  9. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Awesome momma! Thanks for comment! 🙂

  10. Hey Joyce

    When I reach for a snack it is generally of the healthy variety. For me no sugar. I have a fondness though for Tostitos(shh) when the sodium levels are low. We are pretty picky about stuff around our house. Great blog as usual. I always enjoy reading your stuff.

  11. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks so much! An honor coming from you! 🙂

  12. Tracy T. says:

    I am looking out for some healthy new snacks, while trying to get into shape. This looks like something I would be interested in trying, since I am not wanting to get back into unhealthy eating habits. I wonder if I could get my son to try the hot dogs.

  13. Wow I’m intrigued–it’s hard to find healthy snacks that include protein, and also hard to find no nitrite and grass-fed meat sources–hadn’t even thought about buffalo!

    I’m pretty good about making healthy choices for snacking–my main problem is getting bored with the same old choices. Or in the case of trail mix, which I love–portion control.

  14. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Hi CM! Thank for commenting!

  15. Hey Joyce! Thanks for this post. Tanka Bars! I wish we had some up here in Washington State. I try to make great food choices. These bars seem like great food choices to me. Thanks for putting them on my radar!

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