Empowering Kids to Find Their Passion and Purpose with @Thrively

I  love the idea of health being a family affair. All aspects of health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I’m also a fan of interdependence, growing individually but together — each family member supporting and encouraging each other to be their best.

**This post is in partnership with Online Mom Media and Thrively. Opinions and experiences expressed are always my own.

When we were invited to sign up for Thrively I didn’t realize that it would be the catalyst to a deep conversation and introspection for my 14 year old. It seemed to open her heart’s door. As a parent, this is nirvana.

The first fun activity was the strength assessment. At first my daughter was doubtful she’d enjoy it, but while she was doing it, she really got excited. She felt it was structured in a way she could relate to — not clinical and  impersonal like she anticipated.

Her strengths:


After the assessment, she safely (love that) explored the site and watched videos, checked out activities, and even discovered things she hadn’t really thought of – like a course for beginner DJs. We’re looking forward to more and more activities being rolled out, but what was already on the site captured her interest and imagination. I could see her “wheels” turning.

For us, the most exciting part of Thrively is the positive influence on our child’s developing mind. It’s a place they can explore and discover their potential, passions, and purpose and be empowered. We’re looking forward to what Thrively has in store. Check it out and see what you think. Or even better — what your child thinks!

Discover Your Child’s Strengths at Thrively.com from Thrively on Vimeo.

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  1. I love how clearly and succinctly you highlighted this for us. I’ll be forwarding this to my sis for my niece and nephews. Thanks Joyce! xo G

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