Team Beachbody Coach Joyce CherrierIndependent Team Beachbody Coach Joyce CherrierThis week my goal is to really pay close attention to my food choices. On Saturday I’m going to have my after photo taken. It’s been about 30 days since the photo next to the blog was shot. I have been doing P90X for awhile and now I have to really be serious, because I have made a commitment to this Saturday. And, of course, the temptations are everywhere. Example:  a friend stops by to say ”  Hi ! ” to the family and bring a box of  peanut butter cups for the kids, which I promptly snatch and put at the very top of the fridge. Being that those particular peanut butter cups are my favorite, it took a lot of brute mental strength to not rip one open! What stopped me was a commitment I made to myself, but more  importantly, to others, who are trying to reach their goals and are faced with the same barrage of bad food all day, at their homes, jobs and restaurants. So this is my commitment to not only this Saturday, but most importantly, to all of my members as a Team Beachbody Coach, because I want you to know I will never suggest something for you, that I’m not willing to do myself.




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