Awesome Giveaway! New Balance Women's Cross Training Shoes

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New Balance BlackI recently had the opportunity to test drive a pair of New Balance WX 710 Cross Training Shoes. They were given to me by the wonderful people at New Balance in December. My first thoughts were, “these poor shoes, they don’t know what they’re in for”  and I gladly accepted the opportunity to try them out.

First of all, when I took them out the box I was excited to get a pair that were dark in color (there’s other color choices) because I mangle my shoes so quickly that at times I’ve replaced them just for cosmetic reasons. That was a plus for me. I had already done my workout when they arrived so just wore them around doing errands and such and found them to be really comfortable right out the box.

The first real test of the WX710’s was an hour of plyometrics. What are plyometrics you say? Think kangaroo…vertical jumps, jumping over stuff, jumping on boxes, jumping on one foot. If you’re not wearing a good pair of shoes for this, you’ll be in a heap at the end of your workout. I found them to have great support and felt no stress on my knees, back or ankles.

I also walked for over two hours straight in these shoes and ran for a short run of 3 miles. I literally forgot I had them on. I’m no shoe expert I only know what I feel when I workout and I’m quite picky when it comes to shoes and clothing. They have to be comfortable, able to stand up to intense training and look good. That’s it in a nutshell. I found these shoes to be all three.

        New Balance 710 Product Details

  • ABZORB® cushioning in both heel and forefoot for exceptional shock absorption
  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsole won’t mark floors
  • ACTEVA™ Midsole cushions and resists compression set – 12% lighter than standard foam
  • N-Durance® rubber compound for maximum outsole durability
  • Mesh upper: provides lightweight comfort and support
  • Low-profile outsole: gives great traction on a variety of surfaces
  • Shoe Weight:  295 grams (10.4 oz)

My Pros:

 •Felt comfortable right out of the box

Great support while doing plyometrics and felt no stress to my knees, back and ankles.

• Were comfortable and cool for my 3 mile run.

• Really liked them for long walks

 • Loved that they came in a dark color as well as the other choices of white and silver

 •Great price for the kind performance you get out of this shoe.

My Cons:

I didn’t have any! The only thing I didn’t test them for was a longer run, but since I’m not an avid runner, I couldn’t honestly give an opinion.

Beyond the shoe review

Even though this has nothing to do with the performance of the shoe, one of the things that is really important to me is what kind of causes and charities a brand supports and partners with. I really liked what I found on their site. Here’s the New Balance  Mission Statement:

Demonstrating responsible leadership, we build global brands that athletes are proud to wear, associates are proud to create and communities are proud to host.

♥  New Balance’s commitment to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® in the fight to eradicate breast cancer.

Girls on the Run® 

Responsible Leadership 

 And now the fun part for you!


For a chance to win a pair of New Balance WX710’s Women’s Cross Training Shoes, it’s simple! Just leave a comment sharing what positive changes you’re making to your health this year.


Giveaway ends Sunday at 11:59 pm Central Standard Time  1/31/2010

Winner announced 2/01/2010 – USA only.    

♥ Your color choice will depend on availability

Winner chosen using a random number generator



 Reviews on Joyce Cherrier’s Blog reflect the personal opinion of the writer. This product was supplied to me (Joyce Cherrier) by the company for review purposes.  No compensation was accepted by me for this review but I did get to keep the sneakers.




  1. I am committing to losing 30 pounds by May 1st by making healthier food choices and working out consistently. I’m looking forward to a healthier year!

  2. I joined a gym (cliched I know) Dec 26th, but unlike the approx 15 previous gyms I have belonged to in the past, I have really taken to it. I love my Activtrax workout, which is slightly different every time i go, but best of all, the steam room reward at the end. Genius! And at the age of forty (and admittedly big boobs), I thought I’d never run again, but I’m on that treadmill doing short bursts of running and feeling great. I’d love some new (and dark colored — gotta love that) shoes to train in! Thanks for the review–here’s to a healthy and fit 2010!

  3. I joined the pound for pound challenge through the biggest loser. I pledged to lose 25lbs. I’v started changing my whole eating habits and already went 3 weeks without fried foods, which is a big accomplishment for me. Now, I’m getting more walking in and its becoming a great year full of healthy life decisions!

  4. I committed to losing 20lbs that I gained since last summer. I let stress and injuries really get to me. I have never been this heavy and it’s been an eye opening experience. For one, I used to think I was thick and heavy when I was a normal weight…not that I’m actually at an unhealthy weight I’m realizing I’ve been way too demanding of myself. The weight gain also made me realize how important it is to have a routine and structure in your life to keep from straying away from living a healthy lifestyle. I pledged to lose 20 lbs for the Pound for Pound Challenge – I feel really good that losing the weight won’t just help me but it’s going to help feed the hungry in my community.

  5. My healthy lifestyle changes for this year are:

    2. Yoga 1 – 2x per week
    3. Run – 3x per week on MWF for 15 minutes before work; 1-2 hours on Sundays
    4. Fruit and/or veggie MUST accompany every meal

    I’m happy to report that my goals, although small, are completely reachable and therefore have been easy to keep up with. I’m only a month into my new routine and I already notice a difference in my body, my energy levels and my overall attitude. I decided to quit smoking a few months ago and it was honestly one of the hardest things I’ve ever done – with the biggest rewards! I feel like I can now continue to challenge myself to do bigger and better things in all aspects of life.

  6. 1. Started going to an orthoepedist for back problems
    2. Taking vitamins for my iron and protein deficincies
    3. Started yoga
    4. Generally more relaxed 🙂

  7. Meghan Legaux says:

    My main healthy change is to get in better shape. I’m running my first 1/2 marathon, the Rock ‘n Roll Mardi Gras 1/2 marathon in New Orleans. And I’ve been doing a fitness boot camp 3x a week in the mornings. I’ve also pledged to lose 15 lbs for the Biggest Loser’s Pound for Pound Challenge. A beautiful pair of cross trainers would be perfect!!

  8. I would love to win those shoes! I have added cross training (kettle bell and step classes) to my running and boy oh boy did I find out the hard way that your running shoes are not the best thing to wear. My knees will thank you. Why didn’t I know this?

  9. My list is the usual: eat better, exercise more, drink lots of water. I’m seriously trying to be “lighter” as I approach my 40th birthday. But in addition to those, I’ve added a “soul” component. I’ve started writing letters, real letters via snail mail, to the people I love. I’m hoping to deepen those connections as I move into being 40 this year!

  10. I have just recently had major surgery and gained 25 pounds in the healing process that I need to get off. I have begun my walking regiment again but I would really love to have a pair of shoes that can work with me on this.

    The surgery was so hard on me and the recovery was so teadious that I feel out of shape. I can’t do my yoga yet but will begin that just as soon as the doctor says its safe. I have also begun my 6 meals a day diet again where my main intake is fruit and fiber so I am ready to shed these pounds and see that figure again.

    Thank you for the chance at a good pair of shoes that can match my workout.

  11. I am now watching/ monitering calories consumed and calories burned. I workout 5 days a week however after my morning workouts I do not get outside much! By being aware of calories consumed vs calories burned this forces me to get outside and get active to create that calorie deficit!

  12. i have a pair of New Balance 608 i have been wearing every day for 10yrs they seem to last forever but i need new ones
    enter me please my feet yhank you

  13. Quintella Alexis says:

    I have committed to a lifestyle change. I didn’t start on January 2010, but fall 2009, and although I haven’t seen any tremendous change in my weight(figured I wouldn’t) but I am now up to an hour on the elyptical machine, and complete a “krunk” class every Monday and have gone down 2 sizes! I’m working out @ the gym at least 4 times a week and I love the energy I have. I’m making small, but permanent changes in my diet and since no change is drastic, I’m able to stick with it. I love the changes I’ve made and I look forward to the other changes and their effect!

  14. I ma trying to either get to the gym more often and I am also trying to eat better and get more sleep. I do watch a lot of my food intack and the exercise because I have a health issue and I do not want it to happen again,.

  15. After having three kiddos over the past six years, I have recommitted myself to exercise. I got started back in November going to the gym and am peeling back the layers to remember a woman who could run a 10k, complete a group fitness class and button non-stretch jeans.
    It’s going to be a long road back, but I’m worth it.

  16. Nazima Ali says:

    I love having a pair of comfy shoes I can walk for hours in. This year I’m adding spin classes to yoga and pilates and of course I love going for long walks. It clears my head and puts a smile on my face. I like to change things up once in a while with the occasional muay thai class. Thanks for posting the review.

  17. I’m committed to eating healthier, increasing physical activity, and reducing stress.

    Eating healthier: No transfats, more whole grains, more organic foods, proper portion size, more frequent meals/snacks, and everyone in family is following this new eating lifestlye.

    Increasing physical activity: Work out at gym 3x/week, engage in active family outings, walk more-increase daily steps, utilize down time to squeeze in quick exercises for strength.

    Reduce stress: More yoga, focus on cleansing breath breath, more meditation, and more prayer for spiritual health.

  18. I have committed to exercising 30 minutes a day, drinking lots of water, keeping a food journal so I am completely aware of what I am eating. I gave up soda last year, now want to make more improvements, because even giving up soda has made such an impact on how I feel, I can’t wait to get even healthier.

  19. Amy Dalton says:

    Drinking more water!

  20. I’ve decided to become a runner! I have been a swimmer and rower since I was young and I never thought running was for me. I am determined to be able to run in the mornings with my boyfriend and compete in road races with him as well!

  21. Terressa Cortez says:

    My positive change for this year is to continue my journey with beach body. Over 80 lbs lost so far and I am still going. I am continuing my clean eating and exercise habits. 2010 is going to be the year for my transformation from the inside out. Making 2010 a new lifestyle for myself and family. I am the leader. I am determined….Success is in my sights.

  22. I am committed to continue having a healthy attitude toward my body and not focusing on the scale but rather on the way my clothes fit and how healthy I am. I am taking that concept and gearing it toward helping my husband get healthier by preparing healthy meals and snacks and starting a training program for him. I am also expanding that toward my client that I train so that they too, will have a healthy ‘image’ of themselves and not look back at what they have done but forward to what they will become.

  23. I am on the road to a better and healthier me. Been eating more sensibly. Trying to eat the right amounts of the right things. I also have begun running again (training for a 15 mile race in Feb) and been listening to podcasts dealing with nutrition.

  24. I committed to continuing to learn more about nutrition and specifically sports nutrition. I am taking a class at the local college and plan on using what i learn to better fuel my body. I put a lot of stress on my body with running and plan to pay it back with good healthy foods in forms that will heal it and energize it best.

  25. Mike Funk says:

    Ran a marathon and logged 1600 miles this past year! This year I am training to qualify for Boston and have a goal of running 2400 miles.

  26. I am commiting to the P90X program with full intensity. And I am running again. I have 2 half marathons and a 187 mile relay I’m training for this year. And I am counting every calorie that goes into my mouth. I am determined to get healthy and strong!

  27. P90X–bringing it! And training for 2 half marathons and 1 triathlon. More protein and less sugar.

  28. 2009 was a very positive step for my health as I went from couch potato to P90X graduate by 12/23/09. For 2010 my challenge is more P90X and continue to eat lean proteins and greens! Thanks Joyce for this blog.

  29. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Loving all the great comments about positive health changes & commitments! Each one is so inspiring! Awesome!

  30. Hello Joyce and All. I have made so many changes I am now at a 47 pound FAT loss thanks to P90X, Insanity, 10-minute trainer and wanting to see my daughter see her mother be healthy and happy. Plus I incorporated Shakeology into my diet, great changes. Plus this year I want to finish a Disney 1/2 marathon, just cause I can. I did not let exercise induced Asthma, Crohn’s, or Fibromyalsia get in my way.
    I also got to marry my Best Friend, biggest supporter, and best Coach.

  31. Hi Joyce. Love your blog! My goal is to drink more water and exercise more consistently.

  32. Terri Nakamura says:

    Hi, Joyce! This year I’m really focusing on my FEET, so this article was really interesting to me. In 2010 I’m looking to do more walking and tone up while maintaining my current weight 🙂

    • Hi Terri! Thanks! Walking is such a great exercise. I sometimes use wrist weights for upper body on my walks too. Great way to get the arms involved and add a little resistance! 😀

  33. I started running last year and finished my first 5k in October. It was one of the most fun I had running. Running helps me focus and unclutter my spiderweb mind. This year, I’m going to increase my mileage and participate in at least 3 races.

  34. I’m going to be 40 this year so I’ve taken current positive life choices and added new ideas to promote healthy living. Turkey bacon instead of regular bacon for example 😀

    The physical exercise is key and the right pair of shoes make all the difference.
    Keep moving the needle, Joyce!

    • Thanks Rick! 40 is good B-day to take inventory for sure. I like the turkey bacon choice! It’s one of my favs-need some good recipes that include it!

  35. Hi Joyce, this is such a great article on the shoes that I’m pretty sold and want a pair for myself. The positive changes I am making to my health this year would be working out more, eating and sleeping right. I have come to realize that when I had reactive hypoglycemia and a panic attack at the same time, how important my health is. I’ve have quite a few episodes and enough to scare me to get my life together. It’s sad that something has to scare you enough for you to make a change, but it worked in my case. These coming weeks ahead of me, I will be starting my p90x program and I’m going to stay committed to it. Not only will this program get me fit, but will change the way how I eat and how I feel since I’ve been feeling pretty fatigued. I will also have the confidence that I’ve been lately lacking. I’m also not just doing this on my own, but with my boyfriend who will being doing this program with me. As we all know, having someone you love right next to you doing this with you and supporting you will make this a lot more easier to try and pull through this tough coming 90 days. I’m actually excited and I can’t wait for this change to a healthy lifestyle!

  36. Certainly, your article was well thought out and clearly presents the subject matter in a down to earth manner. Good job Joyce! I hope you submit this article to Digg! 🙂 I’m going to subscribe to your RSS feed…..

  37. Hi Joyce. I really need to get back into shape this year! been slacking off ever since I got a desk job. LOL (not enough exercise) I just go to get out and move!
    I used to be on a bike patrol unit, weight train, and avid runner, got to get back in the routine.

    PS – New Balance has always been my choice for running shoes.

    • Hi Pete! The first place to start any health change is in your mind. It sounds like you know what you need to do. You know what it’s like to be in shape and that’s a great motivator! Today’s the day! 🙂

  38. 2morrowknight says:

    I believe in a life of positive thoughts and great health. Nothing beats it. Exercise is certainly apart of that as well. You’ve inspired me to step up my game this year even more Ms. Cherrier. Keep being a beacon of light for those who can always go a little more.

    • Thank you for the kind words @2morrowknight. I really appreciate the encouragement! I totally agree with the positive thoughts & great health— great life goals!

  39. More WOWY FREE SUPER GYM membership participation with Coach Joyce, more water, more commitment – fewer excuses! Now hand over the shoes JOYCE! 😉

  40. Besides a healthy attitude toward my soon-to-be-ex I have decided to try the drink Kombucha. It has been difficult to get used to the taste of it (it’s like carbonated vinegar) but the health benefits are pretty good so far (skin, energy, a probiotic).

  41. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Like your goals @blogomomma! Shoe threat? Drop & give me twenty!! 😉

  42. Kicking serious ass and taking serious names. That’s all I have to say. Oh, love ya!

  43. My goal is to convert as many people to turkey bacon, particularly Dave McEvers, Blogomomma and MochaMomma. ALSO I am going to try and ensure that I make it to the gym at least 3-4 times a week especially since, with my work, I am at my computer more than I should be and remember to go on walks on the days I don’t go to the gym. Just call me Cinder-HO-rella, because these shoes will fit my feet.

  44. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Cinder-HO-rella, I applaud your turkey bacon ministry. Great goal! Maybe the next giveaway should be turkey bacon!!!

  45. My health goal this year is to try to exercise at least 3 times a week. So far I am failing.

  46. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Kristi C, fitness is many times a series of success & failures but quitting is not an option. Don’t give up hope and keep trying! if I can be of any help, please let me know 🙂

  47. Awesome blog Joyce! Wow! You are an inspiration! Thanks for being such a great encourager and tweeter/communicator! Maybe we can meet IRL soon! All the best, love your blog. Amy

  48. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Thanks so much Amy! It would be great to meet IRL, I’d really love that!

  49. Going to my spin class once a week and drink less alcohol.

  50. Diana Adams says:

    Joyce, I love this post as always. You have a great blog. My goal this year is to increase the variety of my workouts so that I look forward to them more. For example, right now I pretty much either get on the treadmill or ride my bike. I only do those two things because that is my habit. I would like to increase my “habits” to include a whole list of other activities so that I have variety of options to choose from each day. This is fun! 😉

  51. KIRK/ soulboykirk says:

    Fine blog, Joyce. Reminds me of my fitness goals for this year. Slim slim slim! Shaking up some things to be the best me I can be. Cheers!

  52. I have switched to a low-carb diet this year and started to get some excercise. I have been walking almost every night & have cut out the late night snacks of potato chips & pretzels. So far I am happy to report that I have lost 6 pounds & I am feeling great! Will do my best to maintain these positive habits for the rest of 2010!! 🙂

  53. My goal this year is to thank God for having great health every night before going to bed.

  54. Liz Wertz says:

    Many thanks to @blogomamma for letting me know about this great giveaway!

    Being a die hard Zumba woman twice a week, I plan to add a new Pilates class to the mix.

    Other new healthy habits are increasing the intake of vegetables and fruits – organic when possible and exploring new ways of preparation; and ditching the plastic water bottles for a water filter and a stainless steel or glass lined reusable water bottle (not made in China). Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  55. The health goals for this year are the same as every year: eat better, stay active and try to run, bike, walk that much farther than I did last year.

    Use it or lose it folks!

  56. My changes this year is to add more variety to my routine. I need to step out of my comfort zone a little and perhaps try classes that normally intimidate me!

  57. When I had my son eight years ago the weight started to add up year after year. I turned 40 last year and decided I was tired of being tired! I wanted to be 40, fit and fabulous! So my husband and I starting running together. I race my first ever 5k, dropped 43 pounds, and now we have signed up for our first 1/2 marathon this year! A new pair of New Balance would be perfect, so thanks for the chance.

  58. I’ve started to make a good, solid plan for healthy meals to make the family for the whole week, even making plans for the nights I won’t have a lot of time to cook because of a sports or school activity with my kids.

  59. OMG! I want these shoes so badly!!! My fitness goals started when I hit the gym last October. I’ve been consisent ever since. I want to keep up the hard work I’ve been doing. My goals are simple but important! I want to drink lots of water and cut out cokes. I want to maintain my 3 days at the gym and doing something active on my off days. I have a huge goal this year to run a marathon….so those shoes would come in handy!!! I just want to contine staying fit and looking the best I can. You have to have your healthy in order to live!!

    Jen 🙂

  60. The shoes sound great. The positive thing I’m doing is eating smaller portions. Realized I was eating way too much….which eventually catches up w/ you!

  61. trying to eat less sugar

  62. My health goals this year: give up sugar, dairy & wheat (accomplished); walk 10,000 steps a day (working on it); pay closer attention to what I eat so that I am getting the proper nutrients for my body (working on it). Very cool giveaway!

  63. Inken Hiller says:

    Help others get in shape , too!

  64. Sounds like a great product. I would definitely beat them up for the next few months. This year I decided to compete (for my first time ever) in the World Kettlebell Championships. That’s the goal. I’m very excited about it. Nothing better than getting stronger and enjoying the spirit of the games!

  65. I am not making any changes to my health, I am in pretty good shape. But my daughter on the other hand is going to make a lot of changes. She is on the verge of being diabetic because of her habits at her moms house of sitting on the couch and eating. It is hard to teach her one thing and when she gets to her mom she has a glass of sweet tea. But, I am gradually getting the job done.

    My grandfather was 94 years old when he passed. Never had a problem with his blood sugar. My dad on the other hand found out when he turned 70 that he was diabetic. My uncle on my moms side is 60 and healthy as can be, can run as long as he wants and very strong, but has been diabetic for 20 years and has just about got it beat where he doesn’t even need medicine to control it because of eating right and exercise.

    So this year, I am not going to change my routine, I am going to change my daughters. And if my ex would stop being a stubborn ole mule and listen, I could help change hers also.

  66. Hope I win the shoes. I need some new kicks for P90. My old NB’s are a little worn out.
    BTW every please donate/recycle old shoes.

  67. Whoops. Just noticed these are womens trainers. Well my wife would love them.
    Another plus for NB’s is that they are made in America. Jobs jobs jobs.

  68. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Hi Michael, glad you commented! I’ve encouraged other guys too! Hope you had the chance to read the other comments. Great to read what others are committing to and what their stories are. Wonderful source of inspiration & motivation!

  69. Oh pick me, pick me! I must get it in gear and move and a pair of great tennis shoes would be a motivator!

  70. I plan to prioritize better and make working out closer to the top of my list.

  71. Those look awesome! I could use them well! I’m 50, I’ve joined the Y and go at least three days a week and in between I work out at home with a Jillian video! My quads are burning!

  72. I have a new regime this year of ketlebells, pilates, snowshoeing, and stretching for my workout. I eat only organically, Am trying new soup ideas with creamy yams, squash with fresh vegetables that are high in amino 3 fatty acids and minerals, I detox twice a year using a modified 6 day Master Cleans approach. Working toward drinking more water adding my home grown mint and some organic ginger. I walk all over town instead of drive. Also receive weekly massage and bi weekly chiropractic. Trying a whole system, whole body, and whole spirit, and whole psychic approach and participate in a Thankful Thursday weekly.

  73. I’m FINALLY incorporating Pilates and Yoga into my triathlon routine!!


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