7 Effective Ways To Become A Morning Person (Guest Post) by @Steady_Strength

Morning Person

Morning people have an advantage over the late risers. There’s more opportunity to get things done, less stress, and they tend to be healthier. But getting up early isn’t just forcing yourself to drag out of bed while cursing out your alarm clock. There are 7 effective ways to become a morning person. Even if it’s not natural, these tips will help you progressively adjust to an enjoyable early morning.

1 – Pick A Set Time To Wake Up

First, you need to have a set time that you will wake up every day. Yes, even on the weekends. If you go out the night before and don’t get as much rest, just take a nap during the day.

You can train your body just like you can train a dog to sit and stay. Waking up at the same time everyday will train your body to get tired at a certain hour every night, and wide awake at a specific morning hour.

2 – Slowly Adjust To The Early Hour

Anyone can say that they want to start waking up at 6am everyday….but if you’re used to waking up at 10am, then you’re setting yourself up for failure if you just jump into it.

Imagine getting used to lifting a 25 pound dumbbell everyday. Then all of a sudden you decide to grab the 50 pounder. That just makes no sense! You won’t fare very well, and you might end up quitting.

The secret is to consistently move your wakeup time back by 15 minutes every few days. So for the 10am risers, move it back to 9:45am and get used to that first……then 9:30, and so forth. After a few weeks you’ll be waking up at 6am with ease.

Adjust Gradually

3 – Smooth Tunes

Save the raging heavy metal for concerts. No one is going to look forward to getting woken up in what sounds like a war zone.

From personal experience, don’t choose your favorite song for your alarm either. I can almost guarantee you’ll end up resenting it, and never listen to it again for fun.

A good alarm should consist of soothing sounds that won’t jar your brain. Different sounds of nature are probably a good option.

4 – Don’t Snooze

Using a snooze button is almost like ripping off a bandaid really slowly and painfully. If you’re going to get up, then just DO IT!

Don’t waste your time waking up……drifting off to sleep……waking up again….etc. That is just a really messed up sleep cycle.

Hitting Snooze

5 – Get Moving Pronto!

When you finally get yourself up, the worst thing you can do is stumble out into the living room and plop down on the couch.

As soon as you have two feet on the floor do some jumping jacks or light stretches. Literally anything to get blood pumping to your brain will give you an immediate wakeup. If you’re a java person, then do a little half jog to the coffee pot.

6 – Build A Routine

If you want to make the morning an enjoyable experience, you have to do things that are stress free. Waking up at the same time that you’re running out the door for school or work is the wrong way to go.

Give yourself enough time to read the paper or watch the morning news. Take a shower and make yourself breakfast. Whatever it is, plan on doing it every morning. Make it your own personal little ritual.


7 – Sleep Like A Champ

Getting good sleep is the most effective way to be a morning person. The problem is that it’s also the most difficult tip on this list to accomplish.

There’s so many things that can go wrong when you’re falling asleep…..homework, putting kids to bed, a wandering mind, heart burn, back pain, etc. The list could go on.

Ideally you want to have a quality mattress, a clear head, and not too much food and liquid in your stomach to keep you from sleeping soundly. There are other tips for falling asleep,  if you’re really having a lot of trouble.

Sleep Like A Champ

Before you give up on ever actually enjoying the early hours, take the time to actually try these 7 effective ways to become a morning person. I’m the farthest thing from a “natural morning person”, but doing these things help me get up early everyday and actually enjoy getting more done. If you have any personal tips that I didn’t mention, don’t be scared to leave a comment and tell us about it.




  1. Super 🙂 yes, as a morning person already I concur with a lot of this. Routine, up and at em early and get so much more achieved. Cheers!

  2. The most important thing I have done to make me a morning person is change my diet. Since I adopted a plant based diet I wake up refreshed and I am energized throughout the day, and I sleep like a champ.

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Hi Aqiyl – Thanks for stopping by. That’s interesting about the diet change. I definitely notice my diet impacts the quality of my sleep.

  3. Great tips! I should definitely try them and change my routine. I’m such a night owl!

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