5 Ways to Avoid Being an Abominable Holiday Eating Machine

Abominable Snowman on display at home depot

The Bumble was obsessed with red noses. This in turn got him pushed over a cliff. There’s a lesson here.


This year I was too lazy chose not to do a post on how to avoid a pig-out on Thanksgiving day. I really wanted to focus on being thankful.

This doesn’t always come naturally for me.

Also I was busy cooking a crap-load of food, so that was the other reason. This left me with a crap-load of tasty leftovers.


With all the posts about Thanksgiving Day, it seemed that one day was going to destroy every day prior you’ve invested in working out and eating clean. That’s kind of misleading.

One day of bingeing is not going to cause you to gain any significant amount of weight. Very likely the increase on the scale the next morning was from high-sodium holiday food.

There’s more than 30 days till we’re in 2013. Between now and then is when you’ll likely gain that extra 10 lbs. Out of the 30-something days there’s only a few actual, official holiday days. It’s not those days that need to be the focus. It’s all the days in between that are the real problem.

The Never-Ending Feast

Mindless eating is exactly that: eating without using your mind. But everyone’s mind is different. What works for one person  might not work for another. You have to find what speaks to you.

Here’s my tips that work for me, but don’t hesitate to tweak these ideas to fit your life and personality.

1. Designate a shelf or shelves in the fridge

Make a shelf (hopefully more than one) in the fridge as your go-to shelf to grab something healthy. If you have to dig through the not-so-good stuff to find a piece of fruit or a Greek yogurt, you’ll likely be tempted to eat what  you see and touch first. By making one shelf “the good shelf” you automatically know where to find healthy eats. This is especially handy for all the leftovers. Hide them from yourself. I know I am a very visual person; if I see it, I’m more likely to eat it. This idea works for the cabinets and pantry too.

2. Never go to any place serving or selling food while you’re hungry

This one works for everyone! It’s a good idea to keep a quick healthy snack on hand like nuts, a protein bar, or a shake to grab when you find yourself hungry and headed to a place that serves or sells food. Hunger is powerful! You know this is true if you’ve ever watched Bear Gryllis scarf down a caterpillar.

3. Never cook hungry

There’s a theme here. Never do anything hungry. Always have something healthy within reach to at least take the edge off enough to get you to the next full meal.

4. Say no to food gifts

A tricky one if your Nana makes you her famous fudge each year. Luckily for me, the Viking is more than willing to save me from such goodies. If every year you receive a food gift, it’s ok to tell someone you’re trying to watch what you eat. If you still receive such a gift, share it with someone who isn’t watching their weight. And please, don’t donate it to the office fridge at work. Very likely they’re trying to avoid the weight-gain too! If you have to, toss it!

5. Don’t be a food pervert

I confess to an occasional bout of obsessing. Usually it’s about small things I think are going to grow into monster problems. Sometimes my family informs me that I need to chill, and almost always they’re right. Except that one time when everyone ignored my warnings about the strange noise my daughter’s truck was making and then a head gasket blew – but I digress.

Obsessing has a tendency to suck the very life out of the moment and magically give power to the very thing we’re focused on. I think that’s especially true of food. Avoiding food can be as unhealthy as seeking it out. Both can create an unhealthy pattern. Food thoughts shouldn’t dominate your thinking.

What about you?

These are some of my healthy life rules that have worked for me. But you are YOU! What tips have you found to help you through a season of feasts and baked goodies? 




  1. You had me at food pervert. So creative. So true.

  2. Don’t be a food pervert….hee, hee, I like that.

  3. I decided to do the whole month of December sugar-free/processed free until Christmas Eve. For the 24th and 25th, step aside and hand me the pie and a glass of wine (or 4). 😉

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