5 Secret Benefits of Drinking Water (Guest Post) by @Alexandrafunfit

Glass | Water | Light | Shadow

Glass | Water | Light | Shadow (Photo credit: tim.perdue)

Ask anyone what water is good for and you’ll hear, “It keeps you hydrated,” or “It keeps you alive.” But there’s more to it than that.

Let’s take a look at 5 “Oh, of course” benefits that come from water.

1. It’s where your sweat comes from, and sweat is a natural detox method. When you sweat, dirt and oil are pushed out of your pores, cleansing the skin. Sure, you need to rinse off after your workout to prevent the dirt and oil from getting back into your pores, but if you want to have better, clearer skin, Drink, Sweat, Rinse, Radiate!


2. Depending on the time of day, you can positively affect your health in myriad ways.If you drink water:

* after waking up, you help activate your internal organs
* 30 minutes before a meal, you aid your digestion
* during and post-exercise, you  maintain hydration (this one you probably knew already, yes?)
* before taking a bath, you help lower your blood pressure
* before going to bed, you can potentially avoid stroke or a heart attack

3. It helps you breathe. Were you aware that you exhale 8.45 ounces (250 milliliters) a day just by breathing? So one cup a day is just replacing what came out your well-lubricated nose!

4. It makes your brain nice and big. If your brain had no water, it would be 25% of its current size. The walnut versus the cantaloupe!

5. Water cushions and lubricates your joints and spine. If you’re past 40, this will sound like a big deal. If you’re under 40, hahahaha, just wait! You’ll see. All that shock absorption that water provides will help protect you from arthritis and back pain.

Share these secrets with your friends. Be a well-watered water drinker!



Alexandra Williams of Fun and Fit

Alexandra Williams, MA, has been teaching, mentoring, presenting, emceeing, writing and editing about fitness for over 25 years. She is the co-producer, with her identical twin sister, of the site Fun and Fit Currently on staff in the exercise studies department at UCSB, she is also a contributing editor and writer for IDEA Health and Fitness Association




  1. Amber Ellison Walker says:

    Great post!  Thanks 🙂

  2. OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx Alexandra AND it keeps my bod moving – if you get what I mean!

  3. Thanks for posting the “why” for staying hydrated.

  4. Great Post Alex,

    I have sure learned a lot i didn’t know from the second point- especially the fact that you can potentially avoid stroke or a heart attack!


  5. This is a great reminder on why we should keep drinking water daily. I knew some of the things listed, but this is the first time that I knew of the breathing benefit. Did the daily recommended intake change, or is it still eight glasses of water?

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