5 Helpful Apps for Homesteading

Chickens in the yard

Time to come in!


** Disclosure — >> As a Verizon #VZWbuzz Ambassador, I like to try out apps that others mention and like to use. Often they’re social productivity apps. As a novice homesteader, I’m learning that there are apps for that too. Here are a few that I personally have found helpful for homesteading.

1) Homesteading Today: This is a general homesteading app covering everything from livestock to sewing and soap making. I found the forums really informative and helpful. I love that it covers so many areas of homesteading in one app.

Homesteading Today for Android

Homesteading Today for iPhone and iPad

2) Backyard Chickens: It’s a whole community of chicken lovers. Backyardchickens.com has always been a favorite of mine and love their app too! The forum is a great place to ask questions and learn from other chicken owners.

Backyard Chickens app For iPhone and iPad

3)iHatch-Chickens: This app helps you hatch your own chickens. Get daily tips and updates on the hatching progress. Fun for kids too!

iHatch for Android

happy hens lay pretty eggs

A good egg day

4) Garden Plants Growing Guide: Even though it’s not an organic growing guide, this app is still helpful with info on regions, when to sow, and general plant info to care for your plants. The best feature is once installed you don’t need internet access to use the app. Great for rural areas where connections can be spotty.

Garden Plants Growing Guide for Android

5) Organic Gardening’s Planting Planner App: This app uses GPS to let you know frost dates for your area. There’s a database and you can even save plants to your virtual garden.

Organic Gardening’s Planting Planner App for iPhone

Organic Gardening’s Planter Planner for Android

Little green miracles

Little green miracles


I love app suggestions, but an app is only useful if it works in your life and you find it helpful. I would love to hear if you liked these suggestions and if you have some favorites of your own.






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