The 3 P’s of a Healthy Life

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Good for my soul – My present purpose and passion.

Whatever is good for your soul…do that. ~ unknown

I’ve never been one to follow the crowd. Even when I managed a gym, I wasn’t fond of promoting the newest fitness trend. Maybe it was just a personal go-against-the-grain kind of character trait or maybe I never really like the idea of telling everyone else what they should love.

If I tell you what to love, unless you just happen to love it too, you’ll be lacking the ingredients that you need to stick to a healthy lifestyle for more than a week at a time.

I call them the 3 P’s




My healthy lifestyle doesn’t look like someone else’s healthy lifestyle. Mine is no way better, just different. But it’s mine all mine. It’s what has kept me on this path for three decades. Oh for sure I’ve stumbled and struggled, but I’ve always found a way back eventually.

But it’s never been because I followed someone else’s passion. I always ( I’m so very grateful) had help along the way — a ride to the beach, or maybe showing me a better/safer way to do something. But it wasn’t to make me be like them, but to help me excel.  Whether it was surfing, windsurfing, Olympic Lifting, running, biking, taekwondo, P90X, and now everything horses, the only way I improved was there was a passion (interest) and a purpose (what or WHO am I doing this for) and it was my own personal pursuit.

So what’s my point?

To encourage anyone feeling that to be successful, they have to follow someone else’s path. They have to become like someone else or look like someone else. The quote above, found by way of Monica Vila on Facebook recently, is exactly what’s kept me going. Now I’ve read it put perfectly into words.

Find out what’s good for your soul and pursue that




  1. SO true!

    I’m pretty dedicated to the Personal and Passionate, but a little shaky on the Purposeful perhaps…

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Hi Crabby 🙂 I often have one “P” that’s stronger than the other two P’s. Sometimes it’s more personal than passionate. Or recently more purposeful than personal. It seems to tip a bit one way or the other with each new adventure. Thanks for stopping in!

  2. Hi Joyce, great post. I just love fitness and I believe it’s good for my soul. My Wife will tell you that if I’m not in the gym, I get grumpy! Haha.

  3. That is so true! And it falls inline with there being various arguments for different diets and fitness trends. Different ones work best with different body types. It’s not lifting or nothing or calisthenics or nothing. If you lead with these three p’s – now that is the secret to a hot, healthy, & sexy lifestyle! 🙂