14 Ways to Make Accountability Your Holiday Helper

It's always more fun with friends!

So you made it through Thanksgiving with only a slight bloat and not too many regrets. You feel pretty good and got that first killer workout under your belt post Turkey Day.

But this is the holiday marathon season and we still have Hanukkah, Christmas and not to mention *gasp* New Years all in one heaping mashed-potato-sort-of-lump of holidays to go.

Before you grab a buttered biscuit  to sop up your sorrows, there is a solution to the challenge ahead.

It’s called accountability. It’s not always a popular idea. It takes some effort and commitment, but if you seriously want to come out the other side with your buttons in tact you’ll make it a must!

And because here at Freaking Fitness we like to try to find the fun in everything fitness and health, what could be more fun than a ridiculously long acronym? You’ll be quizzed later.

Not really.

How to Spell Accountability

Attitude: How many things in our lives are about attitude? If you approach a challenge with a positive attitude, that’s half the battle won. If you are in the mindset that you are going to fail, you just forfeited. Attitude is number 1!

Confidence: There’s nothing like a can-do spirit that not only spurs you on but also is contagious to others. Since accountability involves more than just yourself, think of how it benefits those around you. They see your confidence or you see theirs, and before you know it you’re all moving in the right direction!

Courage: Fear is not an option. Doing something new and challenging can be a bit intimidating if you’ve always done things a certain way. When you’re part of the holiday party frenzy, the courage to say “no thank you” to another piece of pie or 3rd drink and stand your ground when it comes to healthy decisions is crucial!

Open-mindedness: Be open to new recipes and workouts and suggestions that whatever you’re doing might not work. We all can learn something new no matter how educated or experienced we are!

Unstoppability: Quitting and giving up are not an option. Ever.

No Excuses: Unless someone has held your mouth open and poured eggnog  down your throat by force, anything you decide to eat is your decision. Just 10 seconds of thought can make a huge difference in what choices you make.

Teamwork: Surround yourself with people like all the cool peeps over at the Sears Fit Club to build a team of positive influence that will always steer you in the right direction. Just as important is your being someone else’s teammate, because helping someone keep on the straight and narrow will greatly benefit you too! And you’re encouragement to those that give out the advice too! If you think the experts don’t have struggles during this time of year, you are mistaken. Whenever I write an article it comes from my own struggles as well as the ones that people have shared with me. Together we are a huge force for positive change.

Authenticity: Be your real self and honest about your struggles. Pretending you have it all together and can go it alone won’t help anybody, including yourself, achieve healthy goals. If people see you being authentic it encourages them to be the same. Remember that perfect does not equal healthy!

Building up others: Have you ever given a gift and felt that the experience of that moment was way better than getting a gift? I believe when we build others up something happens inside of us. I always think of that when I watch “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” with my kids. I love how as his heart grew so did his strength.

Initiative: Being accountable means taking the initiative to follow through on the plan. It doesn’t mean waiting for someone else to tell you to do it.

Love: Love? Yep. Tough love. Accountability is an act of self-love. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and expose your flaws, but remember, have courage!

Imagination: Being accountable can be fun! Make an effort to be part of the solution. Remember the idea is to focus on what you can give, not get. Most times people are there to share in the process so that everyone benefits. Even though you might feel you need the most help, you might be the one who comes up with great exercise ideas and discovers some awesome healthy recipes.

Time: Learn to schedule time to exercise, prepare food, rest, and be actively accountable. On Tuesdays at 8:00pm CST and Wednesdays at 7:30pm CST on Twitter you can chat with a group of people that are in every stage of health. We laugh, joke, and share, and many of us have formed friendships that go beyond those short couple of hours we’re together. I consider it my mid-week accountability check-in, and I wouldn’t miss it! It’s carried me through tough days and I look forward to it (and need it) each week.

You: At the end of the day and at the end of this word is you. I think we’ve all experienced the person you give a dozen solutions to but you feel they almost want to fail. I’ve been there myself. The advice we ignored, the opportunity we missed. Inside each one of us is the ability to be successful. Successful doesn’t mean fitting in a size zero. It means you are doing all you can with the resources available to be your best self–your best you.

So to get you used to being accountable…..

Are you ready (or maybe sick & tired) and willing to change your life for the healthier?

Or maybe you’ve already committed to being accountable. If this is you, share with us how accountability has  helped you!

This post is brought to you by the amazingly cool Sears Fit Club peeps who help us be able to button our pants after the holidays.




  1. Ah – great post! I love the Teamwork one – I love my TRIBE! That has been so fun for me to be accountable – even if it’s something just as silly as doing #legday or #workoutswap with my twitter friends. It sounds crazy, but that stuff has encouraged me to get off my arse and do things that I wouldn’t have normally done. Wooot!

  2. Accountability I love it! Thanks

  3. Right on! Great post! I believe in having the right attitude! And there should never be room for excuses!!!

  4. “Fear is not an option” I think that’s my new mantra!

  5. Oh I’m so glad you made it through Thanksgiving. Me too, but of course bloat was my little friend along the way. I love your suggestions! I’m already taking one of your posts with me to Dallas, maybe this one too. My biggest concern is that I skip a few days and when I come back, I’m overzealous and injure myself (it’s happened before). I’ll have access to equipment part of the time, but the problem is, it’s very difficult to work out when you’re busy and out of town. Maybe I need to look at it as being accountable to myself, making it happen….

    • Hi Suzanne, and thanks as always for your encouragement & kindness! On the subject of traveling: when I travel, I take a couple of workout DVD’s that require only body weight & aren’t too long, 30-45 mins and keep them in my purse! That way no matter where I am I have a workout option! 🙂

  6. Great post. I may have to check out the mid-week tweet session. I could use a little more accountability. It’s easy to let life get in the way.

  7. Garick Chan says:

    I wanted to chime in and say that “No Excuses”, “Love”, and “You” are really critical to the accountability process. We all know that we’re are our own worst critics, and at the same time, need some kind of validation. I fully agree that we have the capacity to reach our own goals for self-improvement in a meaningful and conscious way.

  8. thanks that every one can b success .

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