Why Words Are Worse Than Donuts

Munkkeja (Finnish for doughnuts) being deep fried.

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Everything is worse than donuts. Donuts are awesome, right?  But to most health nuts they’re evil with a hole in the middle.

But at the end of the day, the donuts aren’t the real issue. If only it were as simple as donuts.

Our decisions are impacted by many things. And some have more power over us than we think.

Like words.

Words can be the root of unhealthy.

I’ve felt the power of words. I’ve dished some out too.


Words can…

  • make a good day turn bad
  • make you think you can’t
  • make you feel worthless
  • make you feel you are unlovable
  • make a woman stay in an abusive relationship
  • make a child not report abuse
  • make us do things to try to feel better in the moment

Words can make us feel we aren’t worth the effort. That we aren’t important.

Filling our pantries and refrigerators with healthy food won’t cause a heart change towards making decisions that are good for us.  Filling our lives with positive words can.


  • I’m able
  • I’m worth it
  • I’m lovable
  • I have a purpose


What are your thoughts on the power of words?

Have words ever made you do something either negative or positive?











  1. Beautiful…. words are power… they change our thoughts, feelings, and actions – and in the end – words are actions, right?

  2. Andrewpalandrew says:

    A kind word turns away wrath

  3. I love the title of this post! I agree… words are incredibly powerful. They can make or break a person’s spirit. The good news is… for those who have been damaged by harsh words spoken to them, words of truth can overcome those.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Angela & thank you! :) So true and so powerful. Makes me think how many people we chat with online every day that may have a broken spirit. Just a few words of truth might be what helps them heal.

  4. Cathy Fleming says:

    Thanks for that great post.  Words are more powerful than people realize and your post was a great reminder of that fact. :0)

  5. MizFit08 says:

    YES I need to tell myself IVE GOT THIS IVE GOT THIS over and over many times a day

  6. Hi Joyce!

    Words are sharper than any Ginsu knife that can slice and dice our way to healthy eating. 30 years after they were said, I can still hear my aunt telling me ‘That dress makes you look fat’ as I tried on with such pride one of the season’s hottest dresses back in the 80s. It left such an impression on me and has impacted how I see myself. Even what seems like a compliment, although said in a condescending tone of voice has changed the course of my day.

    Every night before I go to bed I make sure I go in and whisper to my daughter that she is beautiful and strong and smart and kind and worthy of all good things. Because I know that during the day she may hear the opposite. And even though I tell her these things when she is awake, I want to reinforce them when she doesn’t have the chance to discount their truth.

    Thank you for sharing this and offering it up as a reminder that we need to be kind to ourselves and no listen to the words that we would never tell ourselves.

    Keep on bringing the awesome!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Sara for sharing. Love that you tell your daughter those words. So many times I’ve heard young women say they wish their moms had spoken words that prepared them for life into their hearts and souls. Thank you for commenting and thank you for your wonderful words!! :)

  7. Suzanne @WorkoutNirvana says:

    Those doughnuts looks so gross! 
    I saw a tweet from Tosca Reno yesterday saying she was down bc she’d heard some negative things about her. Even if you’re famous, you have to shake yourself off and return to center. And if you’re saying negative words to yourself you’ll never win. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Suzanne! Thanks for stopping by! I would think people that are famous deal with that way more than the average person. It’s sad there’s always someone wanting to bring ya down. I love Tosca by the way! And I so agree with you –shake it off! Surround yourself with a hedge of people who support you and don’t speak the words internally. All not easy to do on some days but the more you work at it the better you get!

  8. Laura Cooper says:

    I remember hearing words in an Eminem song a few years ago, back when I was still trying to grasp all the weight I had to lose… the words said “don’t let ‘em say you ain’t beautiful…” and I believe he was singing these words to his daughter. I realized that the only person in my life who says those kinds of words to me… that I wasn’t beautiful… was just me. Nobody else–not my mom, not my husband–nobody had been telling me I wasn’t beautiful. Just me. I turned those words around, and stopped allowing myself to tell me I wasn’t beautiful. It helped me change my life. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Laura what a real-life example of the power of words. What we tell ourselves is so important. Read what you wrote to my daughters. Thank you.

  9. Barbara Davis says:

    Words can have the power to damage us if we allow it, but it is a choice. I find that a kind word, hug, and/or a smile towards others brings a lot more goodness in return.  I’m a big believer in loving your enemies and praying for those that persecute you.  It might not change them, but it will change your perception of them.

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