Whole and Healthy: Variety Creates a #BalancedYou

Riley in her best downward dog

Riley in her best downward dog

I think battling boredom has been a struggle in my pursuit of a healthy life. But it’s also been a blessing in disguise. That’s why I was super excited *disclosure* -> when I had the opportunity to work with GaiamTV and @MyYogaOnline. I felt a instant connection with their philosophy and the content they share.

I’ve always loved yoga and done random classes over the years, but I personally needed more direction and guidance. I wanted to add yoga to my quiver of healthy choices.

This made me think of why I felt the need to learn yet another activity or sport. I came back to the same thought every time. I can’t do what everyone else is doing — I have to do what I feel drawn to at that moment. It had to be something on fire inside of me.

Find out what makes you YOU and pursue that.

I loved this as a way to find a starting point — a launching pad for pursuing what helps you create a balanced life by using some self-discovery.

“Your primary element is expressed through your personality traits, and colors the lens through which you view life.”

I believe that’s true. It’s how we filter, perceive, and process all that we feel, see, and do.

What primary element are you? Click on the pic and take the quiz!

GaiamTV #BalancedYou

Discover You Primary Element

I discovered I’m a Firestarter. When I read that, I felt a big “yes!” and embraced it. There’s no wrong or right. I don’t need to be like you, and you don’t need to be like me to be whole and healthy. We can walk our own paths.

Embrace and LOVE Your Individuality

I’ve found pursuing a variety of activities makes me feel inspired, passionate, and energized. It makes me hungry to learn more and do more. In the past when I’ve pursued someone else’s passion, I quickly lost enthusiasm and eventually quit.

Be a Supporter of Others

Even if I’m not into what you’re into, I can be supportive and enthusiastic for you! This motivates me to excel in my life and work on self-improvement. I also feel it’s helped me grow as a human being and keeps me balanced and less self-absorbed.

Evolve and Grow: Learn and Keep Learning

My pursuits have evolved over the years. According to the specific time period in my life, and what I could afford, I did what inspired me. I’ve professionally windsurfed, surfed for fun, Olympic lifted, power-lifted, been a personal trainer, ran like crazy, biked, hiked, did P90X daily, SUPed, and more — now realizing a dream of mine — living a cowgirl lifestyle. I still do a bit of all of the above, but I do what I can, depending on what’s right for my family and location. I believe variety and the need to learn new things have contributed hugely to living a healthy lifestyle consistently.

Becoming whole and healthy, balanced and happy, is a constant dance of discovery. Keeping an open mind and heart keeps this Firestarter’s fire burning.



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