Healthy Snacks for Kids: Toss Your Twinkies

Kids filling plates with food

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Do you go grocery shopping with your kids? Recently on an outing to the store, I took my kids and told them to choose some snacks. Now these children have lived with me for their whole lives and they already know my anal organic tendencies. Yet still they were picking crappy snacks.

I had hopes of them grabbing healthy goods and happily skipping over to the cart, shunning the bulk candy bins as we passed.

It might be karma. I tortured my own mom by begging for twinkies. She was nicer than I am and gave in. When I would get in trouble she’d toss my Twinkies.

There was a lot of Twinkie tossing.

Like all parents, I think my kids are super smart.  But they were so mesmerized by the unhealthy snack options that I thought this is the frustration many parents deal with and maybe finally just give up and give in.

Let’s face it, unhealthy snacks taste good. And kids know it. The alternative is sometimes better used as a disciplinary tool.

“If you don’t finish your homework, you’ll be eating lentil loaf for dinner!”

So what’s a parent to do?

Over at Attune Foods, the awesome sponsor of this here post, I have a few suggestions to trick help your kids snack a little healthier, like 1. Don’t try to make them love something they hate. I’ve had so much practice with that one.

I hope you find them helpful and I’m really really hoping you’ll see all the yummy good-for-you products that will help you accomplish my #3 suggestion. (Don’t ya wanna go take a look now?!)

Please make me feel better and tell me if you too struggle getting your kids to eat healthy. All forms of snark are encouraged and applauded.






  1. Anonymous says:

    With my two young daughters, it partly a struggle, and partly not.  One enjoys eating raw carrots, grapes, and cherry tomatoes.  The other one is all about chips,  ice cream, and goldfish.  I’m left puzzling over the fact that both are my daughter yet like different things.  On one hand, that ought not to be too surprising.  Still….

    So I’m left figuring out how to get my younger snack-loving daughter to choose (the operative word) more healthful snacks.  It’s a work in progress.

  2. Joyce Cherrier says:

    Hi Joe! It is puzzling I agree. Amazing how kids can be so different in the same house with the same message. Thanks for stopping by and I just love that you’re not giving up on encouraging the healthy eating! 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sigh… as the spawn moves off to college I’m realizing that my wannabe health chapter was a little late for him – ha! That said, I sent him with a rice cooker, pots, kitchen staples, and my favorite pyrex bowl WITH the lid. Only a mothers love….  xoxo

  4. lol i’m the only “kid” in my house so i limit snacks. preportioned and individually wrapped are the best for me. it’s not that i choose unhealthy snacks (now ;)), it’s that i don’t always stop at one portion. in terms of tricking kids, my mom and i put a great deal of effort into tricking my cousin when he was visiting. the key was definitely not telling him what was in the food if he couldn’t identify it himself :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi Michelle, portion control is a big one. I have on many occasion mindlessly inhaled a whole bag of “good for me” almonds then read the label and almost passed out! Kudos for the cousin trickery. It’s so much more fun that way too! By the way, love your writing on your blog, you are talented and hilarious. :)

  5. My Greedy Baby is the only one out of the four of ‘em (sigh) that prefers a piece of fruit over some package-processed mess. But nooo. I can’t take any of them with me to the store, including the husband. That has the potential of doubling the size of my grocery bill. So I shops alone, baby. I shops alone.

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