Your Most Powerful Health Coach Might Be Your Smartphone

The Sony Xperia Z3v smartphone in white

My Health Coach and Partner

We often think in terms of short-term goals. Not that that’s necessarily bad, but long-term health is more than a few small goals accomplished occasionally. It’s many small actions done consistently over time.

It’s easy to be short-sighted and just have in mind an upcoming event as a goal. But short-term goals are just that — short-term.

Keeping up with long-term goals is obviously not as easy as keeping up with a short-term goal. This got me thinking: what can we use that’s in our everyday lives that would easily serve us in consistently making healthier choices?

You Hold the Power for Change

They’re in our pockets and purses, and on our desks and bedsides at almost all times. They’ve become our connection to all that we love and do.

4 Ways to Make Your Smart Phone Your Personal Health Hub

1. Track your goals: There are hundreds of free health and fitness apps — something for every BODY. Even if you’re not crazy for apps, you can use your calendar and notes to stay on track. I like to schedule my workouts and use the calendar to notify me to workout. Schedule as you would any other appointment, and keep it like you would any other appointment.

2. Keep a photo journal: This can be just for your eyes only, or you can share it with others to keep yourself accountable. It can be a food photo journal, progress photos, or simply pics YOU find inspirational that you can use to help motivate YOU.

3. Be accountable: Buddy up and text your struggles and successes. Create a private Facebook group for accountability. Try out an activity tracker and use the accompanying apps to be part of a community.

4. Keep a clean pantry and fridge: Your pantry and fridge are a reflection of your shopping habits. Use your phone to keep a list or create your list. I personally love Fooducate to scan barcodes and get a health grade on items while shopping.

Whatever your goal or struggle is — there’s most likely an app for that!

Put that smartphone to work for GOOD in your life.