How Getting Fit Is Like Getting Married

Married on Maui I’ll just come out with this now: I love gadgets, shiny new products, things that make cool noises and pretty colors.

I love to try new things. Much to the annoyance of my family members I have weighted balls, miniature steppers, weights you strap to your hands, heart rate paraphernalia and other such toys.

I even bought one of those mini trampoline thingies that ended up being used to jump into the pool.

I’m not recommending you do that by the way.

I’m all for trying new things. I think that if it helps you get healthy, then it’s priceless. If it doesn’t, pass it to someone else that it may help.

But at the end of the day it’s not going to be a gadget that makes you healthy. It’s going to be you. Just you.

Really your commitment to health is somewhat like a marriage.

It takes




an attitude of love, in this case self-love


Forgiveness when you let yourself down and skip the workout for Ho-Ho’s.

Until you fully commit, you don’t know potentially all the joy a healthier life can bring.










  1. Love this Joyce so incredibly true. You can dress it up anyway you like , but just like a marriage the substance it what’s important.

  2. It’s all about commitment and sacrifices and making it work!! It is good for us, (I am lucky to be married to the best Man on Earth) and worth fighting for. As long as we make an effort and and stay committed it will work! What I see a lot and I have done is: we got to our ideal size, and instead of maintaining we go loco!! We forget the work that got us there and starting is over is so much work!! Your blog is good for my health Joyce!! Always encourages me to keep trying!! 🙂

    • Great point about getting there & forgetting how we actually got there in the first place. it’s like when you first fall in love.. 🙂 Thanks Francis, as always you’re amazing.

  3. WOW~!
    “We need to ask ourselves if we really want to be committed or are we just dragging it out, pretending, our hearts half in it.”

    that DOES work for either marriage or workouts~!! What an extremely clever analogy~! I’ve never thought about it in these terms. Maybe this can be the thing that makes me get up and go. Might I suggest eBay for sharing so you can get back part of the money you’ll need to spend on the next toy? lol Just suggested the same to @CiaoBella50 for purging her closet~!!

    I figured out a way to stay married for 22 years this month, but am I really committed or just dragging it out… Really committed! So take those principles and apply them to commitment to working out~! Ok, Joyce, I think this may be your BOOK IDEA~!!
    Anita @ModelSupplies

  4. SO true. I’m having a re-commitment ceremony 😉

  5. Your analogy is spot-on, Joyce. I am fully committed, but on the verge of hernia surgery. Not happy. Dreading it. I’ll be just walking and doing light weights for a while….

  6. Hi Erin~commitment is the key in both cases. Can’t go by feelings and there’s days you feel like it’s all not working. But as you know we just keep moving forward, always 🙂

  7. Dwmatty says:

    I recently completed a 12 week weight loss challenge sponsored by my employer.  At the beginning, I knew it would require giving up the bad foods I like.  But in the end, I’m glad that I did.  I lost 26 pounds, took first place and won $134.00 in the process.  More energy, feel better, sleep better.  It took grit and determination, changing my eating habits, and lots of exercise.  But it all paid off…..figuratively and literally. 


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