Fit for Life: Growth Only Comes from Change

horse rolling

I need to get Luna her own Gaiam yoga mat.

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” -Socrates

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Sometimes we view change as scary and bad; when it’s forced upon us, it can be. (But that’s a whole other blog post.)

I’m talking about evolving by choice.

It’s very easy to keep doing what we’ve always done, to keep doing what’s comfortable for us. Whether it’s the way we view exercise, our relationship, our jobs and careers, or even small things we don’t give much thought to. I’m not saying all routine is a bad thing; nothing’s wrong with a favorite pair of jeans or a particular brand of coffee.

But sometimes I think we get stuck where we are, thinking we always have to do and be certain things. It becomes our identity, and not doing things the way we always have is terrifying.

I know I can think this way at times. I’ve always viewed myself as someone who lifts weights and does water sports. That’s who I am. It’s in my DNA. I have to be at the beach, in the water, or at a gym, or I can’t be happy.

Fast-forward to moving from Maui to the Gulf Coast and being completely like a fish out of water. I felt lost and lonely, but I knew I had to adjust and evolve or I was in trouble. I started to look outside of who I thought I had to be to be myself. I had to change my perspective and think in a new way.

Now, many years later, I find myself doing yoga and riding my horse Luna almost every day. Looking back, I had no idea these two new loves would be such a big part of my life one day. I still lift weights and go home to Maui and surf and windsurf each year, but I finally realized that change is a part of living and being a healthy human. When I invited different experiences in, I met new people and found myself much more fulfilled and joyful.

I think even unhealthier than a box of Krispy Cremes is always doing what you’ve always done. I’m not very good at yoga, and I know I have years of learning together with my horse, but that’s a good thing. I couldn’t have stayed where I was and been healthy. I had to adjust my sails and embrace the change.

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