Why All That Dieting Is Getting You Nowhere

Diet is a dirty word. And not like the ones that are fun to say when you’re mad. It has no good purpose whatsoever. That’s because diet generally means temporarily and drastically changing your eating to get quick results that don’t last once you go back to your old way of eating.    If you […]

Training Tips: What about Protein?

I’ve been wanting to add a category to my blog that would provide training tips. My good friend Jeff Kline of prsfit.com with all his expertise is a great source of info. I’ve learned countless things from him and I find the way he presents the information easy to absorb. Here’s a video about protein […]

P90X Schedule of Workouts

The question of how to schedule the P90X workouts if you don’t have the guide book has been asked so many times that I figured that I should provide an in-depth answer. The answer is to use WOWY the virtual gym to give you the schedule.  In order to use WOWY, you either need to […]