Vinegar: Not So Ordinary?

Whenever I come across a study that shows evidence of  health benefits of something ordinary we find in our kitchens, I get so excited! One of the barriers to getting healthy for people is the cost. There are so many products on the market and when you are trying to make ends meet, they just aren’t […]

"Yes Virginia, You Can Have Chocolate."

I know there’s probably thousands of people that have written blogs about chocolate. So I imagine this is not going to be a life changing read for you. I do have my reasons for writing about this.  As a woman, I especially feel the need to talk about this at least once. After 25 years on […]

Nutrition 911: Here's the straight 411, so you can avoid a dietary 911

By Steve Edwards We hear a lot about nutrition on TV these days. Carbs, net carbs, impact carbs, trans fats, and essential fats . . . and on and on. Yet studies show that this information goes way over most people’s heads. In fact, it seems like most people have forgotten what they learned back […]