How to Survive An Italian Restaurant

Talk to any health & fitness person and somewhere in the conversation you can pull out of them their food weakness. If they say they don’t have one they are a liar a freak of nature. I personally have a few. Chocolate (of course) and Italian food. And even more I love a great Italian […]

5 Things In The Kitchen To Help You Lose Weight

Sometimes it seems like to really change your health for the better it’s going to cost a ton of money or such a complete makeover in the kitchen that the rest of your family will possibly stage a mutiny. A fridge that has a section for each person would really be a great solution. Most […]

Bottles full of Baloney

Most of us humans like the path of least resistance. Nothing new. I deal with it as a parent all the time. Oh and I’m talking about myself not the kids. As usual there’s someone out there to make a buck on our shortcomings as humans. The magic diet pill companies. One of the recent […]

Know Your Fats

In the quest for health and fitness, knowledge is mandatory. It’s important to reasearch the advice you’re given about your health. There are  many opinions about exercise and diet, so it’s important to know your facts and in this case your fats. You’ve most likely heard of trans fats and how bad they are so here’s […]

Portion Size Key To Success

We live in a world where abundance is celebrated and we are trying to get the most for our money. No exception is food. When I go to a restaurant the first thing I notice after my food arrives is how much I’m getting for my money. Unfortunately the buffet might be a great deal […]

Foods That Help Curb The Cravings

The problem with eating foods that are high in sugar and empty calories is that you never seem satisfied, which leads to eating more crummy food. Of course this a lot of times leads to guilt and the “throw in the towel” negative self talk and . . . . well you know the rest […]