7 Healthy Snacks To Eat While You Tweet

With the amount of time many of us are spending online working, socializing, learning and playing, many of our meals are inhaled in front of the computer. That can mean bad news for our waistlines. We all want something quick and easy so we can get back to tweeting our brains out, but unfortunately many of those items are […]

6 Ways To Make Friends With Your Fridge

Have you ever tried to accomplish a goal but felt that the universe was conspiring against you? At every turn, it’s like everyone knows what you’re trying so desperately to do and they’ve all banded together and decided to trip you up. Well, maybe that’s being a  little paranoid, but at times, it seems that way. […]

A 70 Ingredient Shake? What 25 Doctors Say.

My theory on what kind of products I endorse is your basic “here’s what I have found to work for me” theory. There’s a million products out there, many that are fantastic that I haven’t tried yet, but I have a tendency to stick with what works. I’ve always used shakes as a part of […]

Maui Makes It Easy To Go Raw

I arrived late Tuesday night on Maui and feeling a bit tired yet excited couldn’t wait for the first morning to come. Waking at 4:00am because of the time change is part of the deal whenever I come but it’s funny how I never mind. I am not an early riser by nature, but I find […]

3 Things Fast Food and Insurance Companies Don't Want You To Do.

Well surprise surprise, we find out health insurance companies and fast food companies are bedfellows. Do we expect them to be moral leaders? Do we really think that any of them give a rip about anyone’s health? According to Harvard Medical School researchers, 11 large companies that offer life, disability, or health insurance owned about […]

How to Not Be a Fat Cat: Chill

You might of heard of the hormone Cortisol. If you haven’t it’s something you want to be familiar with because it can have a big effect on your health & fitness. There are four (most) important hormones that affect protein synthesis in muscle. Growth hormone, testosterone, insulin-like growth factor (IGF) and insulin. Protein breakdown is […]