Recognizing and Overcoming Obstacles

 Everyone wants to have success getting healthy and fit. We all have every intention of following through and reaching the goals we set for ourselves. After working with many, many folks over the years,  the biggest obstacle is never the exercises themselves, but our own minds. We all bring our bags of strengths and weaknesses. […]

Working Out:Guilty As Charged

Recently I went home to  Maui , and had a chance to spend many hours exercising by doing water sports. It was really great doing fun things I like to do and reap the benefits of a great workout. It seems everyone is into being fit there. It’s a way of life. Such a beautiful place to […]

10 Ways to Think Yourself Thinner

By Cecilia H. Lee There are no substitutes for eating healthily and regular exercise, but experts say that your frame of mind and your attitude can make a huge difference to your weight loss success. Of course, we’re not suggesting hypnosis or any of that silly voodoo. We’re talking about cutting out the “mental fat”—the […]