Pondering Life and BBQ Chicken #SandersonFarms

If you’re 20, you might feel like you have all the time in the world. I remember feeling that way myself. Time wasn’t something I really thought about in a deep way. But that was before I started collecting various responsibilities. Now time is something I seem to think about quite often these days. When […]

Share Your Message of Hope #VoicesHavePower #vzwbuzz

Voices Have Power Some of you know I’m a big believer in the link between service, giving, and purpose as a part of a healthy life. Sometimes that giving and purpose is a big commitment – and sometimes it’s small. But just like healthy food and exercise choices, small things done often make a big […]

Goodies for the Heart: What’s Your Recipe?

Like many of you, our family of four likes to make the most of the holidays. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday not only for the meaning it has to me personally, but also for all the local activities geared toward kids. We drive around in our jammies and look at lights, and I […]

People: The Only Niche That Really Matters

Whenever I chat with one my dearest friends Jessica Northey, I always learn something new. Maybe some would see us as an unlikely pair. Jessica is incredibly smart, gorgeous, and lights up any room she enters. Me, I’m more of a vintage surfer hippie chick–minus the patchouli smell and the dreads. I don’t recall the […]

Climbing Big Mountains for Charity

I was going to write a post specifically about exercising in cold weather and I was pondering the thought and then I thought about my dear friend Paul Steele and his adventures. He so inspired me with his love for climbing, but most of all his heart to help others. I met him via Twitter and […]

The Road To Health Is Paved With Gratitude

Officially, so it seems, we start the holiday season with Thanksgiving. For people that celebrate it it’s such a great time of sharing food and spending time with family and friends. Tons of articles are popping up with great recipes and great advice on how to have a healthy one. Hard not to focus on […]