The Future of Mental Health Services – 12 Questions about Tele-Psychiatry with Dr. Arpan Waghray #mentalhealth #futureofhealth

This post is written in partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health Recently, I was thinking about the natural disasters we’ve seen in 2017. Hurricane Harvey, Irma, Maria; the California wildfires; and earthquakes worldwide. All of the things we take for granted–food in the fridge, a warm bed, boxes of family photos, heirlooms, pencil marks on […]

5 Mental Tweaks for a Happier Holiday Season

After decades of walking this earth, I believe the key to healthy living has to center around your emotional and mental well-being. This is where a change, a tweak, a redirection has to begin. Especially if that change is to become a lifestyle. It would be easy to suggest not eating the first batch of […]

Your Most Powerful Health Coach Might Be Your Smartphone

We often think in terms of short-term goals. Not that that’s necessarily bad, but long-term health is more than a few small goals accomplished occasionally. It’s many small actions done consistently over time. It’s easy to be short-sighted and just have in mind an upcoming event as a goal. But short-term goals are just that […]

Chicken Recipe Round-Up #SandersonFarms

Lately, I’ve been wanting to add more chicken recipes to my list of family favorites. But sometimes, I’m hesitant to try something new because of the cost. It can be an expensive experiment – that’s why I like to ask friends what their favorite tried-and-true chicken recipes are. It’s fun and frugal to share ideas, […]

Pondering Life and BBQ Chicken #SandersonFarms

If you’re 20, you might feel like you have all the time in the world. I remember feeling that way myself. Time wasn’t something I really thought about in a deep way. But that was before I started collecting various responsibilities. Now time is something I seem to think about quite often these days. When […]

It’s Almost Spring But I’m No Spring Chicken Healthy Tips #SandersonFarms

It’s been a non-existent winter here on the gulf coast. Regardless of temperatures, we are often subconsciously seasonally motivated to get our butts in gear for spring and summer. Spring makes me think of new pasture grass, horses shedding their winter coats, and good riding weather. It also turns my mind toward my yearly trip […]