5 Helpful Apps for Homesteading

  ** Disclosure — >> As a Verizon #VZWbuzz Ambassador, I like to try out apps that others mention and like to use. Often they’re social productivity apps. As a novice homesteader, I’m learning that there are apps for that too. Here are a few that I personally have found helpful for homesteading. 1) Homesteading […]

Improve Your Health by Finding Your Purpose

Life often takes us where we never thought we would go. If you were to say to me years ago on Maui that one day I’d be living in Louisiana and then the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, I would have grabbed my windsurfing equipment and guffawed. But here I am in south Mississippi feeling incredibly […]

Hatching a Health Plan: Small Package, Big Lesson.

  Something fantastic happened recently on our new homestead. Nani, one of our Red Star hens, laid her first egg! It was actually quite eventful. We heard a loud “bacaawwwwwk” and after 4 and ½ months of waiting, there in a perfect little light-brown package, was our ROI. What does this have to do with […]

The Pursuit of Health and Happiness: 10 Things I Learned about Following Your Heart

Something happened several years ago. We up and moved to the suburbs. And we became suburbians. Suburbanites. Um… martians. Unrecognizable to ourselves. Prompted to move by my parents’ getting on in years, the Viking and I left Maui along with our then toddler daughter in tow, and made our way back to the mainland. We […]

Healthy Family: Finding the Connection between Health and Nature

In the six weeks since we’ve taken on this new lifestyle, a sort of transformation has occurred. The transformation has more to do with us as a family unit than the land beneath our feet. First off, to be clear, I love tech, gadgets, and social media. I mean I really really love. This whole homesteading thing for […]

Goodbye Convenience, Hello Homestead

If you’ve happened to have read (for which I’m oh so thankful) my last post Trading in Car Horns for Crickets, you know we’ve made a major lifestyle change. We’ve left the suburbs and city life and found some open space, perfect for pursuing our love of nature, growing our own food, and raising our […]