The Pursuit of Health and Happiness: 10 Things I Learned about Following Your Heart

Photo taken with Nokia Lumia 928

One of the perks of open spaces. Photo taken with my Nokia Lumia 928 from Verizon.

Something happened several years ago.

We up and moved to the suburbs.

And we became suburbians. Suburbanites. Um… martians. Unrecognizable to ourselves.

Prompted to move by my parents’ getting on in years, the Viking and I left Maui along with our then toddler daughter in tow, and made our way back to the mainland.

We thought we’d be there just for a short time.

Then life was like LOL.

So there we were, new place, new job, and now two little ones who would  become the center of all major decision-making.


After years of promising ourselves to move to a place where we knew our hearts longed to be and we thought would be best for our kids — we did it. We found a modest place with a lot of open space and room for the running of the people and the animal sort. Along the way you learn a lot about yourself and the experience. Here’s 10 (there’s way more)  things we discovered (and endured) along the way.

1- There is no perfect place. There’s only the place you’re supposed to be at that moment in time.

2- Your kids will most likely disagree with the majority of the plans you share with them.

3- Moving sucks. Period.

4- You’ll doubt yourself and might even have moments of panic.

5- Buying and selling a house should come with copious amounts of alcohol and end with therapy.

Nokia Lumia 928 White with wireless charger

My lifeline: Nokia Lumia 928 with mobile hotspot and wireless charger.

6- See #2.

7-  You’ll trade in one type of bug population for another.

8- Internet connection in somewhat rural areas is a crap-shoot.

9-  You have to undue your addiction to convenience.

10- You’ll never be the same. That’s the good part.



It’s a daunting task, changing directions in life. Major changes, whether it’s moving or a healthy lifestyle overhaul, is likely the most uncomfortable undertaking ever. But the alternative is complacency, stagnation, and unhappiness. That thought kept us motivated and when, it all settled down, grateful beyond words.

What I would love to know is what has been your takeaway from a major change? Do you feel it is/was worth it? 


***Big thank you to Verizon who has kept me connected and technically happy by providing me a mobile hot spot. It was all like dial-up till you. You rock. 




  1. LOVE this! Especially #5! And, yes to #8: and I want to move somewhere MORE rural? lol.

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      I think the rural thing might be a sort of addiction? lol I think you need a Verizon hotspot! 😉

  2. Bigzigfitness Bigzigfitness says:

    and yes, to number SIX….both times. i am in an odd place right now, and have been since November….and i am learning many things about myself…especially number 10, because it is because the OLD me got me where I am, or WAS, until this transition phase began, and will end (continue?) with the NEW me I am becoming. which is really close to the OLD me, who I should have been all along. right, @TraceySoboleski?
    how’s THAT for cryptic? and yes, #5 might come in handy…

  3. We found #7 to be true when we helped the oldest move to NC! When I left the corporate world to stay home with the kidlets I had a lot of reservations. How were we going to make ends meet? Well that was many years ago, and we’ve managed even when the hubs lost his job of 35 years. Faith got us through it all, and we’ve all learned things along the way, and are a lot happier for it. Love #10 too 🙂

    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Wow Dana that’s crazy. I’m so glad it all had a happy ending. Faith is definitely a big part for us too. Always so many doubts along the way. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amie Jo says:

    You are a rock star! Love this post, Joyce. I’ve always dreamed of having a mobile hot spot- I honestly think it’d change my life. I’ve heard such great things about this, too. Have a great weekend.

  5. Suzanna Keith says:

    Joyce, love your wisdom about focusing on the children and looking for a simpler lifestyle! Thanks

  6. Hi Joyce,

    8,9 and 10 all the way. Smart post! We live around the world. In Kathmandu, Nepal now. It is travel but more like living because we stay in most spots for at least 1 month. Sometimes 4 or 5 months, like in Thailand or Bali. Connectivity can be non-existent at times – challenging for people who make a living online 😉 – and the convenience factor can disappear in moments but you will grow like a weed.

    You will never be the same once you follow your heart because the Universe is like that. Listen to the Silent Guide. Embrace the learning opportunities aka craziness lol…and your life will be something else.

    Fun post Joyce. Seems like you are enjoying your new digs 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


    • Joyce Cherrier says:

      Sorry i missed your reply Ryan! Love “listen to the silent guide” — sometimes a scary thing but like you said, life will be something else. Thanks for stopping by!

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