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5 Helpful Apps for Homesteading

  ** Disclosure — >> As a Verizon #VZWbuzz Ambassador, I like to try out apps that others mention and like to use. Often they’re social productivity apps. As a novice homesteader, I’m learning that there are apps for that too. Here are a few that I personally have found helpful for homesteading. 1) Homesteading […]

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Improve Your Health by Finding Your Purpose

Life often takes us where we never thought we would go. If you were to say to me years ago on Maui that one day I’d be living in Louisiana and then the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, I would have grabbed my windsurfing equipment and guffawed. But here I am in south Mississippi feeling incredibly […]

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Resurrect Your Resolution: Up by Jawbone Giveaway

                         **Disclosure: I’m a #VZWbuzz team member and compensated**   *****This giveaway has ended*****  Congratulations to Janice Terrell Ford!!! According to 45% of Americans make a New Year’s Resolution but only 8% are successful in achieving their goal. Well that’s not very encouraging. Why […]

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The Stay Fit Through the Holidays Workout

I’m so excited  to share my good friend Brandon Abbott’s expertise with you here on my blog today. I met Brandon while going through a personal training certification class at a local gym and was so impressed with not only his knowledge, but also his genuine caring attitude towards people and helping them. There’s LOTS […]


10 Gluten Free Holiday Dinner Tips (Guest Post) by @GlutenFreeWoman

So the holidays are here, excitement is building and you’re eagerly preparing dinner parties and…oops, you find out at least one of your guests is allergic to gluten (or another food allergy). Don’t panic. Sure, it’s a bit more work but it’s not rocket science. With a little creativity and common sense, you can easily […]

Morning Person

7 Effective Ways To Become A Morning Person (Guest Post) by @Steady_Strength

Morning people have an advantage over the late risers. There’s more opportunity to get things done, less stress, and they tend to be healthier. But getting up early isn’t just forcing yourself to drag out of bed while cursing out your alarm clock. There are 7 effective ways to become a morning person. Even if […]